protective agency
Protective Agency

Protective agencies for shipowners and charterers

Tiger Shipping Agencies Limited provides professional husbandry services at ports and terminals in Nigeria and Ghana. 

A vessel may require much more than simple port agency attendance when in port. The need often arises for husbandry services.  This is an essential service to the vessel and the crew during vessels’ port calls. Our in-house team of certified officers ensures that all onboard ship and crew requirements are provided on a timely basis

Our Ship husbandry services include:

1. Crew Change 

2. Supply of ship spares

3. Deployment of Armed guards.

4. CTM

5. Bunker Supply

6. Fresh Water supply etc

Local knowledge

We are available in 2,200 ports and have a global reach. We understand the local, state and federal regulations, as well as port information, cargo restrictions limit, supplier cost levels etc.

Minimise cost

We scrutinize the DA to ensure you are not overcharged, helping to keep your operations on schedule by verifying that pilots are on time and that the correct amount tug boats are ordered.


We follow strong governance and compliance principles as part of our industry standard offerings. With a protective agent, you can settle PDA and funds through us, giving you more control over shipper or receiver agents as we are better positioned to challenge them with local know how.

Statement Of Facts (SOF)

We will check SOF and challenge any questionable items that are not agreed prior in order to protect your interest.