Our procurement service team handle many types of purchasing and supply requirements, from sourcing and supplying urgent parts via our rapid and global service, or trawling the globe to find stocks of obsolete or difficult to find spares through the multi-million-naira contracts via ongoing enabling type contracts

We take considerable pride in the fact that we are experienced in various aspects of procurement, providing numerous solutions and continuous support to our clients.

Providing managed service solutions, we work in collaboration with our customers to cascade their requirements ensuring that items are supplied and controlled in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Supplier quality assurance and reliability of supply is a critical aspect of any supply chain and we take pride in our abilities to; assess, control, monitor and maintain all aspects. Processing and supporting various ad-hock difficult to source needs with rapid response objectives, we achieve numerous customer objectives on a regular basis.

Embedded in our approach, we ensure that value is always provided, with quality, cost and delivery being an integral aspect to every order.